Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Russian Roulette In Bulgaria

Were ever I go in Bulgaria I see casinos left, right and centre in every town, city and even large villages. There must be a demand for these, but from where is to me a mystery. What type of person goes to a casino? Well if they weren’t doing too well in business up until now with the poverty stricken Bulgarians, they will do now. Bulgaria is a main tourist attraction for Russian and even more so now with Russia banning casinos. There is now a market for gambling themed holidays in Bulgaria from Russian who can’t do without it. Whether this attracts the right type of Russian tourist remains doubtful. But then again The Bulgarian tourist industry has already attracted the worse kind of tourist on boozing holidays on the Black Sea Coast so not much will change I guess.

Russian Roulette In Bulgaria

Bulgaria and especially its Black Sea coast cities and resorts are set to benefit from the ban of casinos in Russia as the country is expected to attract thousands of Russian gamblers.

This prediction is made in an article of onlinecasinoadvisory.com, which reminds that effective July 1, the Russian legislation is banning all casinos on the territory of the Federation.

The Russian authorities later plan to reopen casinos only in four gambling zones. According to an expert cited in the article, they might reverse their decision once they see large-scale gambling revenue leave the country.

The article points out that Bulgaria and Cyprus are the most likely hopefuls to attract a large number of Russian gamblers.

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