Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Here we go again!

The same old story of Musims trying to get a sob sob story going so they can start getting special treatment and become untouchables just like what has happened in the rest of Europe. Just get on with it and stop moaning that everyone is anti-musilim. There was a bit of anti-muslim graffiti on a wall, so what? There's graffiti everywhere against everything what makes you think you're so special.

clipped from www.sofiaecho.com
Vandalising of mosques "unacceptable"

Yusein was quoted by Dnevnik daily as saying that although Bulgarian Muslims have enjoyed harmonious relations with other religious groups for hundreds of years, the desecrations are a sign that Bulgarian society is not as tolerant as it is purported to be.

The criticism from the MP from Movement for Rights and Freedom (MRF) party was triggered by attacks on mosques in Pleven and Yambol where derogatory signs appeared on walls. Another arson attack, in Kazanluk, led to the partial destruction of a mosque. Several days ago, in Plovdiv, a man was brutally beaten up for praying in a mosque. No suspects have been detained or charged.

Others supported Yusein by saying that desecrating churches, mosques or graves was "absolutely unacceptable".

Ivan Sotirov, of the United Democratic Forces, has said that MRF itself creates the grounds for ethnic separation because it uses the ethnic vote for corporate purposes.

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