Sunday, 31 May 2009

Bulgaria's Treasures

The treasures of the Tracian era have been discover over recent years. Treasures in Bulgaria are still waiting to be found. In this video which is accompanied by tradition Bulgarian folk music. It give a good indight as to the types of treasure found and the tombs that were excavated and now recorded in Bulgaria's rich history.

The archaeological research of the Thracian culture started in the 20th century and especially after World War II, mainly on the territory of Southern Bulgaria. As a result of intensive excavation works in the 1960s and 1970s a number of Thracian tombs and sanctuaries were discovered. More significant among them are: the Tomb of Sveshtari, the Tomb of Kazanlak, Tatul, Seuthopolis, Perperikon, the Tomb of Aleksandrovo, Sarmizegetusa, etc.

This is part of a revealing information about the video taken from - Well worth reading the full account.

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Another Bulgarian Dies From The Yambol Coach Disaster

The church bell tolls once again as another fatality from the coach disaster is reported. This brings the tally of dead to 17 as another Bulgarian, only 31 years of age didn't pull through after being tranferred to Sofia. There was another story about a party held by policemen on the same day of the disaster with added allegations that a Bulgarian top rank politician was mixing in the fun - Bad taste!

Another Bulgarian Dies From The Yambol Coach Disaster
The death toll of a bus crash in southeastern Bulgaria rose to 17 Saturday when a 31-year-old woman died of her injuries in a Sofia hospital, doctors said.

The woman was in a coma in Sofia's military hospital after she suffered multiple injuries in the crash in Yambol, 160 miles southeast of Sofia. The bus ran into a group of people Thursday, killing 16 people and injuring another 20, the Bulgarian news agency SNA reported.

The bus, carrying 19 elderly people from a nursery, was descending a steep road on Bakadzhik Moutain when the driver lost control and hit pilgrims walking up the hill to attend a Bulgarian Orthodox church festival.

Prosecutors opened legal proceedings against the driver and the owner of the bus on suspicion the vehicle's brakes were faulty, SNA reported.

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Saturday, 30 May 2009

Azis - Bulgaria's Liberace

Azis is a larger than life pop star. He to me is the Bulgarian Liberace with his flamboyant costumes, but it doesn’t stop there; there is no doubt he is great performer with a distinctive voice brimming with quality. He turned father last year, but that hasn't stopped his busy pop folk culture lifestyle. This video clip is typical of his musical style.

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Yambol Coach Crash - Heads Begin To Roll

After the National day of mourning yesterday and the sombre weekend starts and heads are beginning to roll. The coach owner is now being prosecuted, but in Bulgaria is common that documents that say a vehicle is safe has not been checked. I got my car document that states it passed its roadworthiness only last week - The car wasn’t touched! The coach owner could have been any one of hundreds of vehicle owners in Bulgaria; it was just his coach whose brakes failed with fatalities.

Yambol Coach Crash - Heads Begin To RollProsecutor’s office had raised charges against company owner of the bus, which had overturned near the town of Yambol and killed 16 people. This is what a message, published on Prosecutor’s office’s web page, said.
Manager of the company will remain in the arrest for 72 hours.
Meanwhile day of Yambol citizens had passed under the black sing of sorrow.
Four of killed people had been buried. None of the injured people had been discharged from hospital.
84-year-old woman who had been in the bus during the incident is in very hard condition.
Whole country is involved with the tragedy.
Mayor of Yambol municipality Georgi Slavov have received money from companies, citizens and organizations since Thursday.
Bank account on fund-raising for families of killed and injured people will be opened on Saturday.

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Friday, 29 May 2009

Bulgarian Tax Fraud Investigated

It goes on here, tax fraud that is. Perhaps it is too easy to get away with here. The old fashioned tax inspector does not really exist here. Perhaps this is the beginning of the end of tax fraud - I doubt it though, this is Bulgaria!

The national Revenue Agency, NRA launched investigations into 400 companies for suspected tax fraud estimated at more than 50 million euros, NRA head Krassimir Stefanov told Bulgarian National Radio.

Stefanov said that after special measures, including the confiscation of cash registers at companies, the agency had collected 4 million leva (about 2 million euros), Bulgarian broadcaster Mediapool said.

April 30 was the final day for individuals to file declarations. According to preliminary data, 40 people filed declarations of income over one million leva (half million euros), while one person declared income of over 10 million leva (5 million euros).

Stefanov said the NRA was not targeting the rich. According to him, the actions of the agency were targeted at those who demonstrated high standards of living, owned real estate and yet declared no or minimum income.
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National Day Of Mourning in Bulgaria After Yambol Coach Tradgedy

Whether and official day of mourning or not, today has been just that in Yambol. A sombre mood in town especially walking past the hospital this morning where the injured are recovering and seeing the Bakadjik hill where is actually happened in the distance. It is hard to keep a dry eye.

National Day Of Mourning in Bulgaria After Yambol Coach Tradgedy
A national day of mourning has been declared on May 29, commemorating the 16 victims of the horrendous crash in the Bakadjik hills, near Yambol, a day earlier.

Bulgarian President Georgi Purvanov has cancelled all his meetings for several days, the presidency's press service said. Across the country, all administrative buildings will fly the national flag at half-mast.

The memorial service will and last laments be held at the Sveta Nedelia church in Sofia. The mourning in Yambol will last for three days.

The Cabinet has asked all Bulgarian citizens and political parties to abstain from any form of celebrations on this day and pay their respects to the victims of the disaster. All political parties said they would put their election campaigns on hold.

The accident that occurred early on May 28 at 9.20am, when an old bus ploughed into a group of tourists climbing the hill to participate in a fair on the Ascension feast day. The bus, a Bulgarian-made Chavdar model manufactured more than 30 years ago, reportedly had a mechanical malfunction, even though it had passed its annual check-up less than a month earlier.

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Queer Bulgaria Or American Promotion?

A big push the the USA to support Queer Bulgaria is a touchy subject with may political parties here. It is obvious that gays and queers are the flavour of the month but they have to be diplomatic in their pronouncements of these issues that have come to pass in recent years. I for one will watch from a distance on the 28th June from the safety of my television screen. Somehow I know it won't go ahead peacefully.

The International Queer Solidarity Network calls for a European mobilization, with support from the United States, that will stand in solidarity with Queer Bulgaria.

Pride parade as part of the 2005 GayFest in Bu...

On June 28th 2008, neo-Nazi groups aggressively attacked the first LGBTQ Pride march in Sofia, Bulgaria. A week before the march, the Bulgarian National Alliance, the most visible nationalist organization in the country, called for a “week of intolerance.” The BNA strongly encouraged nationalistic groups to organize themselves against the right of the queer community in Bulgaria to peacefully march, which resulted in loosely organized violence during the festivities. BNA members and other neo-Nazis threw molotov cocktails and small explosives at the participants of the Pride march. Fortunately, no injuries were reported. However, more than eighty skinheads, including Boyan Rasate (head of the BNA) were arrested for their attempted harm and direct violence toward pride participants.

This year neo-Nazi groups are once again organizing themselves against the march and Bulgarian queers’ ability to defend their human rights. The Bulgarian government not only tolerates but also encourages such attitudes. Two of the parties in the Parliament of Bulgaria are nationalistic and one of them, Ataka, called for “the men to beat up the gays.” In addition, the Prime Minister of Bulgaria and head of the “socialist” party, Sergei Stanishev, subtly, through hidden sparks of hatred, said that he did not like the “manifestation and demonstration of such orientations.”

Even though the rights of LGBTQ people in Bulgaria are protected by the constitution, this is yet more empty rhetoric in the hands of the powerful. The queer community refuses to give up its rights to a free assembly. There will be another Pride march on the 27th of June 2009. Let’s unite and stand together against the homophobic and transphobic state of Bulgaria and growing neo-Nazism in Europe.

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Thursday, 28 May 2009

Walt Disney Invades Bulgarian Television

Another invasion from America as the children from Bulgaria and surrounding Eastern European counties become exposed to the Walt Disney product. Whether you feel this is right or wrong, it invades the minds of children and their own cultures are slowly slip away as US television becomes a major part of many children's reflective memories. Just think back to your own childhood television and try reflect what influenced you.

Disney reported late Tuesday that the Disney Channel will replace all Jetix channels in Bulgaria after taking full control of the Jetix group earlier this year.

The Disney Channel will replace Jetix channels in Hungary, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and Bulgaria, informed.

Disney signalled Tuesday that it is winding down the Jetix brand, bringing five Jetix channels in central and Eastern Europe under the Disney Channel banner. The Disney Channel will now be available to 12 million viewers in Eastern Europe.

The move was announced by Giorgio Stock, general manager of the Disney Channel in Europe.

"Central and Eastern Europe is a key market for the Walt Disney Company and launching Disney Channel is central to our strategic growth plan," stated Stock.

Boy-skewed Jetix channels will be replaced by programs at pre-schoolers aged 2-5 and kids aged 6-14, including such shows as "Hannah Montana" and "Camp Rock."

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Coach Accident Kills 16 Tourists in Yambol

Lots of talk and tears this morning from neighbours in the street I live in next to the Yambol hospital as the victims of a coach accident at a local tourist site were brought in. Tragic news with the number now at 16 dead. We are all in shock here right now and has been brough hom even more when we foudn a good friend of our's mother was one of victims now no longer with us.

Sixteen people have been killed and another twenty injured as a bus sliced into a throng of tourists near the town of Yambol in southeastern Bulgaria.

The tourists, gathered in the area on the occasion of the religious holiday Ascension Day, or the so called Spasovden, were climbing towards the Bakardzhik peak, when the bus, coming in the oposite direction, cut into them.

Police said the a technical malfunction caused failure of the bus's brakes.

The bus was a thirty-year-old charter coach, which had recently passed successfully a technical check-up.

Reports say people, who are gathered in the area for the holiday, are in panic and are worriedly searching for relatives and friends, if they have not seen them for the last few hours.

Rescue teams and ambulances have arrived at the location and the injured have been taken to the Emergency Room in the nearby city of Yambol.

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EU Give Bulgaria More Funds For Business - Again

Looks like the EU have given Bulgaria another chance for the Mafia to take another sweep of funds again. This is of course drawn from recent history so I need not say anything else on the matter.

The Godfather Part II album cover

Bulgaria signed Wednesday two agreements with Europe worth more than EUR200 million which will also improve the way it uses European Union structural funds available to the country by 2013.

A EUR200 million agreement with the European Investment Fund, an E.U. specialist unit, is aimed at facilitating access to finance for small- and medium-sized companies.

A second EUR33 million deal with the European Investment Bank will promote sustainable urban development.

At a time when funding for small companies has practically dried up, the EIF agreement was welcomed by Bulgaria's Economy and Energy Minister Petar Dimitrov and the fund's chief executive Richard Pelly.

Bulgaria joined the E.U. in 2007 as its poorest and most corruption-ridden newcomer.

Its failure to guarantee efficient and fraud-free distribution of European money prompted Brussels last year to freeze over EUR800 million to the country, EUR220 million of which have been definitively lost.

Some EUR11 billion in E.U. structural and cohesion funds available to Bulgaria between 2007 and 2013 could also be at risk if controls are not tightened up, experts have warned.
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Wednesday, 27 May 2009

The Crickets - Bulgaria's Most Famous Rock Band

The Crickets aren't just insects, they are a Bulgarian Rock Band, in fact the most famous rock band in Bulgaria. Just like their counterparts The Beatles (Beetles) in the UK. They started in 1967 and the style was country rock. Even 42 years later, not a week goes by where we don't hear this song played on TV or radio. With the amount of exposure to this music, even for a expariate it can't fail to grow on you.

Have a listen and view the video extract - Pretty cool and laid back don't you think?

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Typical Diplomatic Answer To A Football Question

The Irish Ambassador was interviewed and questioned on many important political topics and the interview ended with a football question. In true diplomatic style he answered the question like reading a script that had been prepaered for him. I would like to see Geoffrey behind closed doors with a few Guiness inside him being VERY happy if Ireland have a lucky win and were the poorer team.

Who will you be supporting in the June 6 2010 World Cup qualifier between Bulgaria and Ireland in Sofia? What do you think the result will be?

What a question! I will, of course, be supporting Ireland but I will be happy if the better team on the night wins.

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Football - Litex Lovech Lift Bulgarian Cup And UEFA Place

It was a convincing win for Litex Lovech who lifted the Bulgarian Cup last night. The Bulgarian Cup is the equivilent of the FA Cup in the UK. It is a shame that Pirin Blagoevgrad didn't do to Lovech what they did to the two top Sofia teams CSKA and Levski and beat them. They will get another chance next season. Litex Lovech in the meantime also now have a place in the UEFA Cup football next season. Congratulations!
Litex Lovech beat Pirin Blagoevgrad 3-0 to win the Bulgarian Cup for a second consecutive year on Tuesday.
French striker Wilfried Niflore broke the deadlock at the Georgi Asparuhov stadium with a scrambled effort from close range after 20 minutes.
The Lovech-based club, lifting the trophy for the fourth time in the last eight years, sealed victory after Brazilian Doka Madureira and Krum Bibishkov scored in the second half.
Pirin, who eliminated Bulgarian giants CSKA Sofia and Levski Sofia in previous rounds, lost their fourth consecutive Cup final after failing to produce any clearcut chances.
"We deserved the win," said Litex coach Stanimir Stoilov, who is also Bulgarian national team coach. "We decided to play with two tall strikers and I think it was the key to our success."
Litex will participate in next season's UEFA Europa League.

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Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Rakia (Brandy) In Bulgaria

Bulgarian's have been making their own spirit called rakia for generations, it is very much part of their culture. Recently however the EU have fired more than one shot over the bow trying to impose unaffordable taxes and ridiculous regulations on health and safety to bring Bulgaria in line with the rest of Europe. This has met serious opposition in Bulgaria understandably. It will happen, but for now we enjoy our homemade Rakia while we can.

Rakia (Brandy) In Bulgaria
Rakia Making - The Process

Rakia spirit in Bulgaria is in every home and doesn't just sit there for months on end it is drunk regularly in Bulgaria. It is the National drink and is very much a big part of everyday life here. Without Rakia Bulgaria certainly wouldn't be the same like a body without a soul. The combination of Rakia and Salad is unsurpassed in perfect compliment and the favourite or essential part of the kitchen table layout in Bulgaria.

A Spirit To Be Proud Of

Rakia has been homemade in Bulgaria for generations as had the very much integrated wine process. Who has the best rakia in towns and villages? This is a question repeatedly asked in every household. And in turn every household know the answer to that!

Just on that evidence the Bulgarian are indeed very proud of the rakia they process from start to finish. Their shyness in promoting it and showing it off by literally forcing more than a sample upon guests is legendary.

Extract from The Rakia Site
Photograph from The Rakia Site
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Bulgarian Pianist Makes Impression In Piano Competition

I have a CD of Evgeni Bozhanov playing a range of baroque, classical and early romantic pieces, so I am quite aware of his music talents. So when I heard about this story it didn't suprise me and backs up the fact that Bulgaria has a major stock of gifted musicians of all genres that remain untapped outside their own country.

Evgeni Bozhanov of Bulgaria made a strong showing at the afternoon session of the preliminaries of the Van Cliburn Competition on Monday. His program of Mozart, Chopin and Chopin didn’t contain much composer variety, but who’s to complain when the level of skill and interpretation is exceptionally high?

Bozhanov opened with Mozart’s Sonata in D, K. 311. This sparkled with personality. His interpretation of Chopin’s Rondo a la Masur, Opus 5, offered both lyrical charm and an opportunity to hear something by a very famous composer that’s not often performed. There was one cellphone interpolation from the audience, but it was caught instantly and wasn’t much of a spoiler.

A fine performance of Chopin’s Sonata No. 3 in B minor reinforced the sense that the judges are going to have a hard time narrowing the semifinal field to 12 pianists.

Picture sourced from

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Monday, 25 May 2009

Yet more Earthquakes in Southwest Bulgaria

The epicenter is directly above the earthquake...

Well it has been a couple of weeks of quakes now at both ends fo Bulgaria. Hopefully the earth's crust in this region is now settled into place for a while and not give many grumbles for a while. I said it before, but better to have lots of little quakes than one big one. That's quite reassuring really.

Series of quakes felt in Bulgaria over the last 24 hours

An earthquake with magnitude of 3.9 on the Richter scale occurred though with weak intensity in Southwestern Bulgaria at 7:50 on Monday morning, the Ministry of Emergency Situations said. Earlier during the night aftershocks occurred linked to stronger quakes on Sunday. Considerably weaker, they were not felt by the population. The strongest quakes were registered at 19:18 hrs on Sunday – 5.2 on the Richter scale, and at 22:37 on the same say – 4.5 on the Richter scales. Both quakes were felt in the regions of Western and Southwestern Bulgaria. Nobody was hurt and no damage has been reported. The epicenter of all registered quakes is 160 km to the southwest of Sofia, outside Bulgaria. The Ministry of Emergency Situations said no casualties or damage had been reported. Focus News Agency however, reports about cracks in the walls of old houses, fallen roof tiles and chimneys.

Image via Wikipedia

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Bulgaria A Country Of Pessimism?

The Causes of The Great Depression / FDR Memor...

This study was a suprise in one aspect but not in another. The yound generation Bulgarians are generally optimistic and looking to a bright future in the new western style materialistic world. On the other hand the older generations are certainly gloomy and even more so now in the European Community. I think EU membership causing inflation to rise, increased poverty well before the recession started has depressed the majority of middle aged + Bulgarians.

......the worst global economic recession since World War II, optimism generally precedes pessimism among people around the world, a study shows.

The University of Kansas and Gallup jointly presented their study in the annual meeting of the Association for Psychological Science in San Francisco on Sunday. Gallup conducted a survey on some 150,000 adults in over 140 countries around the world, asking them how they envision their life to be in the next five years. Some 89 percent of respondents said that their life would be as good as or better than now in the next five years, while 95 percent believed their life would be better in the next five years than in the past five years.

Matthew Gallagher, lead researcher of the study at the University of Kansas, said, "These results provide compelling evidence that optimism is a universal phenomenon." Optimism was most greatly felt in Ireland, followed by Brazil, Denmark and New Zealand, and least felt in Zimbabwe, Egypt, Haiti and Bulgaria......
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Bulgaria Celebrates Day Of Education, Culture and Slav Letters

I myself saw the festivities take place on this special day in Bulgaria. High School Students in their ball outfits and partners parade through the town centre to the cries of numbers for each year that they attended school. A very proud moment for them and their friends and famlies who come to watch in a yealry feature that is very much a big community celebration.

Picture Taken in Yambol yesturday, (Galia's niece is in the brown dress)

Processions at many places across the country marked the Day of Bulgarian Education and Culture and of Slav Letters.

In Sofia, the parade gathered over 1,500 students, brass bands and cheerleaders. They were led by seminarists from the Sofia Theological School carrying an icon of Sts Cyril and Methodius.

On Sunday evening, the President and Mrs Purvanov hosted a traditional state reception on the occasion of May 24 which, for the first time this year, took place at the National Palace of Culture. The function also includes a festive concert.

The Slav alphabet was adopted in Bulgaria in AD 886 as a vehicle of enforcing Old Bulgarian as the single national and liturgical language. From Bulgaria, the script spread to other Slav countries and is now used by some 250 million people worldwide in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Serbia, Macedonia, Croatia, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Mongolia.

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Sofia Experiences Big Earthquake

Having just been through two small earthquakes recently in the SE region of Bulgaria, Sofia had a significant tremor yesturday morning. With the size of the quake register on the richer scale at 5.4 and a second at 4.2., it must have been a scary moment for apartment block residents.

Bulgaria: First Bulgaria Quake Measured 5,4 on Richter, Epicenter Macedonia

The short, but powerful tremor that was felt in the Bulgarian capital Sofia minutes before 7.30 pm on Sunday measured 5,4 on the Richter scale.

The epicenter has been registered in Macedonia.

The earthquake shook the higher floors of buildings in Kyustendil, Blagoevgrad and Plovdiv and was followed by a second, lighter tremour, measuring 4.2 on the Richter.

Earlier in the day Macedonian authorities said four moderately strong earthquakes with preliminary magnitude between 4 and 5 rattled central Macedonia around 5 pm.

No damage or injuries have been reported.

The Seismological Observatory said the epicenter of the tremors was about 37 miles (60 kilometers) southeast of the capital, Skopje, near the town of Sveti Nikole.

The last earthquake with magnitude 5 was registered Wednesday at 5:32 a.m. local time (0332GMT).

The tremor was felt in the Bulgarian region of Petrich.

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Sunday, 24 May 2009

Galena Music Idol Winner Two Years On

Galena was the winner of the Bulgarian version of Music Idol two years ago. She has all the credentials of a Bulgarian Pop Folk Diva which is why she won. I personally was very impressed with her musical talent as she had to give performances of different styles of music to win through. In fact she had more talent than the judges! She is now established as a Nationally famed Pop Folk Diva with a string of hits under her belt, that is if there is enough room under her belt. :)

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Bulgarian Folklore Dance

Bulgarian Folklore dance and music is quite something else. Let's hope is remains part of the school curriculum as Bulgaria gradually loses many of their Bulgarian ways and traditions that are deemed, ‘bad’ in European circles. A clip here gives you a taste of what it’s all about, it makes you want to get up and join in. This is Bulgaria folk dance Shoppe style.

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Bulgarian Sumo Wrestler - The Best

Bulgarian men are naturally big, strong and stocky giving them good balance with a low centre of gravity. They have a great history in strength sports so it is o surprise that the Japanese National sport of Sumo is infiltrated with a successful Bulgarian.

I've know about Kaloyan Mahlyanov for quite a while now, he is a celebrity in Bulgaria an often on television. He’s a big lad and the story now reports that he has beaten Japan’s top Sumo in a Grand tournament meeting.

No doubt we'll see even more of him now in the Bulgarian media.

Bulgaria: Bulgaria Sumo Star Beats Leader in Summer Grand Tournament

The Bulgarian sumo wrestler Kaloyan Mahlyanov - Kotooshu has won his ninth victory at the Summer Grand Sumo Tournament in Tokyo.

In the 14th round of the competition, ozeki Kotooshu triumphed over yokozuna Hakuho, the leader in the temporary ranking, BTA reported.

Thus, one round before the end of the tournament, the Bulgarian wrestler Kotooshu has 9 wins and 5 losses. The leader Hakuho has 13 wins and 1 loss.

The other yokozuna, Asashoryu, also lost from Ozeki Harumafuji. Asashoriyu has 12 wins and 2 losses, and Harumafuji is sharing the top position with Hakuho with 13 wins and 1 loss.

In the last round of the Summer Grand Tournament, the Bulgarian wrestler Kotooshu will meet the other leader, Harumafuji.

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Saturday, 23 May 2009

New Pop Folk (Chalga) Album Out

It is well known that many consider the Bulgarian Pop Folk Divas to be the most beautiful women in the world. But beyond their beauty lies a musical talent that can't be ignored or missed, I'm talking chalga! Love it or hate it it remains in Bulgaria's main stream music culture. I love it.

A new Pop Folk compilation has just come out this month with all the big Pop Folk Diva names included. I might just go out and buy it. There are 40 titles, but additional songs as a bonus.

New Pop Folk (Chalga) Album OutTHE SONG LIST
(Artist - Song Title)
Emanuela - K'sam ti nervite
Ivana - The man
Andrea i Costi - Izbiram teb
Tea - S-klasa
Ilian i grupa K'ntri - 3... 4!
Dzhordan - Hotelski stai
Alisia - Imame li vr'zka
Angel - Ela bez nego
Krum - S blizalka v r'ka
Pavel - Demon s krasivi ochi
Sonia Nemska - Pusni Lei, Lei
Nasko - Hajde be kako
Gergana i Zhoro Rapa – Zabravi
Veronika - Losh navik
Ivena - Neshto malko cherno
Gergana - Blagodaria ti
Rumina - Cherpia vsichki
Slavena - Chuzhdi m'zhe
Tatiana - Ako s'm chuzhda
Emilia - Koi si ti
Cvetelina Yaneva - Avtor't e drug
Erik - Krai na igrata
Milko Kalaidzhiev – Shisheto
Gloria - Mozhesh li da me obichash
Yunona - Eh moe tialo
Slavena - Chuzhdi m'zhe
Biliana – 166
Galena ft. Malina - Mnogo sladko
Elena - Ne na mene tia
Yanitsa - Noshtna programa
Tania Boeva - Nazdrave za shtastlivcite
Teodora - Topli v'lni
Samir i Ekstra Nina - Sleda ot Pr'sten
Ivana – Pali
Stefani - Izdai me
Nasko - Diavolite plachat
Viktor - Vsichko za pari
Valentina Kristi - VIP zona
Gergana - Zashtoto te obicham
Anelia - Neshto se sluchi
Anna - Nai-losha, nai-lyubima
ValJa i Daniela - Glas't na s'rceto
Galena i Boris Dali - Vsiaka nosht
Galena i Ustata - Strast na kristali
Dzhena i Ilian - Za teb i men
Dzhina Stoeva - Zasrami se
Dzhina Stoeva i Tenyo Gogov - Chui kak zvuchi
Duet Simpatiagi - Taka ne biva
Elena i DJ Stamen - Koi shte slozhi kraya
Emilia i Sakis i BO - Vsiaka minuta
Erik - Lipsvash mi
Ilian i ork. Kristali - Ne, ne iskam
KameliJa - B'lgarski m'zhe
Konstantin - A-u
Konstantin - Znam dobre tova
Malina i Azis - Umiram az
Nelina i T. Dacheva - Sebe si b'di
Preslava i BRB - Az ne s'm angel
Raina - Mokri s'nishta
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Nuclear Power Station Reopens in Bulgaria


I really don't know why the power station was shut in the first place. This was a directive and condition of Bulgaria joining the EU and now a big U-turn has been made. All's well that ends well I suppose. Does this mean cheaper electric in Bulgaria? We all know the answer to that one.

Bulgaria's sole nuclear power plant Kozloduy has reconnected one of its 1,000 megawatt reactors to the national grid after completing planned annual maintenance, the plant said on Saturday.

Kozloduy shut down the unit in early April and restarted it on May 22. The reactor was loaded with fresh nuclear fuel.

Bulgaria has permanently shut four older reactors at Kozloduy in the past several years as a condition for joining the European Union. As a result, the country lost its position as a major power exporter in the Balkans.

The nuclear power plant now has two remaining reactors of 1,000 MW each.

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Pope Against Muslim Europe?

Pope Benedict XVI blesses the faithful from th...

Knowing how reactions are with extreme muslims, the visit and speech from the Pope yesturday could be seen as an declaraton fo war against a Muslim Europe. Nothing wrong with stating a fact that Europe was Christian based society, but are you allowed say that Bulgarian should try and make a contribution to keep Europe Christian based?
The celebration of Sts. Cyril and Methodious, Macedonian missionary brothers who evangelized the Slavs, brought the presidents of Bulgaria and Macedonia to Rome on Friday. Pope Benedict received both of the presidents separately and encouraged them to take inspiration for building a peaceful, Christian Europe.

The Pope is quoted as saying:
"May their spiritual witness abide in your nation," he added, "so that Bulgaria, thanks also to this source of light and hope, may make an effective contribution to building a Europe faithful to its Christian roots. And may the values of solidarity and justice, of freedom and peace ... find even greater force and solidity in Christ's eternal teaching, as translated into the lives of His disciples in all times."

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Swine Flu In Bulgaria - Not Confirmed Though

Miss Porky Pig sails through the air as she pr...

It sees that the Bulgarian medical experts can't recognise swine flu apart from other flu symtoms. Seems a bit feeble with communication technology on a worldwide basis. Scare mongering if you ask me. Why have Turkey and Greece with far bigger populations only got one comfirmed? The statistics don't really add up.

11,168 swine flu cases and 86 deaths were registered so far, in 42 countries across the world, the latest toll of the World Health Organization reveals. In Bulgaria, the Health ministry identified 15 possible swine flu cases and one of the suspects, a Spanish citizen who presents the symptoms of the flu was hospitalized at Ruse, Romania's south border, informs.

Most swine flu cases were registered in US - 5764, Mexico with 3892 cases, Canada 719 cases, Japan 294 cases, Great Britain 112 cases and Spain 113 cases.

According to Bulgarian authorities, none of the cases were yet confirmed. Greece and Turkey as well confirmed one swine flu case each.

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Friday, 22 May 2009

No Smoking Law Passed In Bulgaria

A coal worker enjoys his cigarette at a yard i...

Well they have now passed a law banning smoking in public places in Bulgaria, which simple means there will be thousands of outlaws now that will carry on as they have. Again where they get the figures of 52% of men and 38% of women smoking is a mystery. I know what I see and if there is a far greater percentage of smokers and that probably is inclusive fo children!

Sofia - Bulgaria, one of Europe's last smoking bastions, on Thursday passed a delayed-action law banning smoking in more public places, though leaving some breathing space to those who light up.

Starting in a year, smoking will be banned in offices, schools, cultural institutions and public transport. Smoker will, however, still have a place in cafes, restaurants and hotels on the Black Sea coast.

There is doubt however that new rules will be enforced any more vigourously than those already existing.

Bulgaria banned smoking in administrative buildings two years ago and prescribed mandatory no-smoking zones in restaurants and cafes, but this did not disperse clouds of smoke from those places.

Surveys say that 52 per cent of men and 38 per cent of women in their Balkan country smoke regularly.

Image by AFP/Getty Images via Daylife

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