Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Holidays Cheapest In Bulgaria

Interesting story, but we get this same thing every year, BULGARIA THE CHEAPEST!

It may be the cheapest, it may not depending which way you look at statistics. In my eyes the stats are made to try and boost tourism in Bulgaria which has suffered more than most. In any case does Bulgaria live up to other countries in terms of a quality holiday?

My experience is that most holdiay makers head to the concrete jungles on the Black Sea Coast on a boozing holiday. That's what most do there.

If all holidays were the same price worldwide, where would you go?

Survey sees Bulgaria on top

Bulgaria is the best place to get a holiday bargain for Britons, a new survey has concluded.

The study by Post Office Travel Services found that the country was the cheapest in which to pick up holiday items.

A collection of ten such purchases could be had for a little over GBP42, the survey noted, less than in second-placed Thailand and third-placed South Africa, while Spain and Portugal are also in the top ten.

Head of travel services Sally Munro commented: "The eurozone has taken a bashing this year but our survey suggests that tourist outlets in many resorts are taking dramatic steps to encourage tourists."

Such figures may suggest that those who invest in rental tourist property in Bulgaria could enjoy healthy demand.

The cost of borrowing in Bulgaria to fund a house purchase may fall as a result of an interest rate cut by the Bulgarian National Bank today.

It has lowered its main rate from 3.53 per cent to 2.27 per cent.
Survey sees Bulgaria on top
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