Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Ice dancing Champ Maxim Staviski Gets Suspended Sentence

TOKYO - MARCH 23: Gold medalist Albena Denkova...

This story is a tragedy! Maxim and Albana who is now his wife were cult heros with their ice-skating skills. Then the drink/drive took palce and Maxim's world fell apart along with the families of the victims. Maxim is not a bad person, but how many time does drink ruin people's lives? Such a shame and I'll say it again - A great tradegy.

World ice dancing champion Maxim Staviski will avoid prison for a fatal drunken-driving accident in 2007, drawing five years' probation in a suspended sentence.

Bulgaria's Supreme Court of Cassations on Tuesday suspended Staviski's original 2{-year sentence. The ruling cannot be appealed.

The 31-year-old Bulgarian was found guilty in January of crashing his car into an oncoming vehicle, killing a 23-year-old man and severely injuring an 18-year-old woman. Police records showed Staviski's blood-alcohol level was more than double the legal limit.

He was sentenced to prison but walked free pending his appeal. The skater also was ordered to pay $130,000 in compensation to the relatives of the victim and the injured woman.

Staviski and Albena Denkova won their second consecutive ice dancing title at the world championships in 2007.
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