Tuesday, 5 May 2009

The Celebrations for Bulgarian George Day Just Can't Wait

they say the best thing come with time. Well in Bulgaria there is no time like the present as the big day on the 6th May, George Day, which is already getting into swing. Because there are two days of public holidays prior to 6th May, I suppose many have nothing else better to do than extend the celebrations buy starting early. Let's hope there aren't too many hangover tomorrow morning when the real celebrations start.

Bulgaria Valor Day Celebration already Started

Bulgaria Bulgaria Valor Day Celebration already Started: Bulgaria Valor Day Celebration already Started

The celebration of Bulgaria's Valor Day - May 6, have already started with military bands concert on various public places in capital Sofia.

That was announced Tuesday by the Bulgarian Defense Ministry.

The Valor Day, which is also marked as Army Day, is celebrated on Saint George's Day every year on May 6. However, this year it coincides with the celebrations of 100 years since Bulgaria was declared independent from the Ottoman empire.

Military bands and representatives of the USA, Austria, Belgium, Greece, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Lithuania, Moldova, Portuguese, Romania, Russia, France, the Ukraine, and Hungary will take part in the official celebrations.

Source www.novinite.com

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