Thursday, 21 May 2009

Bulgaria To The Aid Of UK Children's Programmes

The Wombles

Uncle Bulgaria, the wise old TV character from the Wombles whose name incidentally was chosen by picking a country at random, is launching a campaign to bring back quality children's programmes on UK TV. Obvioully no real person or politician has the resolve to do anything, which is what they should have done years ago!!

To little too late I'm just glad I was a kid when the original BBC's (Give us your milk bottle tops) Blue Peter (John Noakes and Co competed with ITV's (give us you money) Magpie, Crackerjack (It's Friday 5 to 5), Playschool and Take Hart at the centre of a children TV slots from 16:00 - 18:00 only!

Nothing really to do with Bulgaria other than the name of a material made fictional character with name, but it gives me a change to about what I have left behind in the UK.

Great Uncle Bulgaria, leader of the Wombles and one of British kids' TV's
greatest icons, is leading a campaign to save British-made children's
television in the UK.

Despite the Government and Ofcom agreeing that children's programmes are
a vital part of public service broadcasting, new UK-made programmes account
for less than 1% of all children's television in the UK, with imports and
repeats increasingly dominating.

Great Uncle Bulgaria said: "Since I was last on telly, Britain is now
much more diverse, so UK telly should have programmes that the children of
today can relate to. We need to tell those Wombles in government to save
British children's television before it's too late!"

Great Uncle Bulgaria is urging people to show their support for the
campaign by writing to Andy Burnham at, where
you can view a video featuring Great Uncle Bulgaria and the rest of the
Wombles highlighting the risks that British kids face if this issue is

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