Thursday, 28 May 2009

Coach Accident Kills 16 Tourists in Yambol

Lots of talk and tears this morning from neighbours in the street I live in next to the Yambol hospital as the victims of a coach accident at a local tourist site were brought in. Tragic news with the number now at 16 dead. We are all in shock here right now and has been brough hom even more when we foudn a good friend of our's mother was one of victims now no longer with us.

Sixteen people have been killed and another twenty injured as a bus sliced into a throng of tourists near the town of Yambol in southeastern Bulgaria.

The tourists, gathered in the area on the occasion of the religious holiday Ascension Day, or the so called Spasovden, were climbing towards the Bakardzhik peak, when the bus, coming in the oposite direction, cut into them.

Police said the a technical malfunction caused failure of the bus's brakes.

The bus was a thirty-year-old charter coach, which had recently passed successfully a technical check-up.

Reports say people, who are gathered in the area for the holiday, are in panic and are worriedly searching for relatives and friends, if they have not seen them for the last few hours.

Rescue teams and ambulances have arrived at the location and the injured have been taken to the Emergency Room in the nearby city of Yambol.

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