Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Three Young Bulgarians Die In Car Crash

This is tragic and even more so because they come from my hometown of Yambol. I know this stretch of road where the accident happened; it is not a hazardous area. If you experience the driving of Bulgarian, especially the young drivers, these types of accident will happen time and time again. I don't know the circumstance of the accident so I can't judge this incident. I can only go on the from of the manner of young drivers in Bulgaria, the type of car that was being driven and the fact that it is not a dangerous stretch of road. Tragic, but inevitable from what I see on the roads here.
Three youths, aged 25 and 17, have reportedly been killed in heavy car incident on Saturday night about 1.00 a.m. at Kalchevo- Yambol road, Ministry of Interior Chief Directorate-Yambol press office informed.

The third has not been identified yet because he had not carried any identity documents.

Тhe three young people had driven Volkswagen Golf with Yambol registration. They had crushed into a tree little before road fork to Stara reka village.
Police is investigating reasons for the incident.

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