Wednesday, 6 May 2009

St Geroge Day In Bulgaria

Another big day of celebration in Bulgariatoday 6th May as St Geroge Day is upon us. Every year this name day is taken with rituals attached and for all those who have names related to George are VIPs for the day. It is traditional to have lamb on this special day. It is the name day of my partner Galia and her cousin George so a big family gathering is planned today. Last year we partied in Yambol Diana Park.

Today in Bulgaria is also the official celebration of courage and the Bulgarian army with wreaths and flowers will be laid in memory of the dead Bulgarian soldiers.

Today Bulgaria honours the memory of St. George the Winner. St. George is one of the most respected saints in the East orthodoxy. Immortalized in the myth about St. George and the dragon, he is patron of Canada, Catalonia, England, Ethiopia, Georgia, Greece, Montenegro, Portugal, Serbia, the cities of Istanbul, Ljubljana and Moscow.

On the icons St. George is always depicted on a horse with the killed by him dragon lying in his feet.

This is one of the most celebrated feasts in Bulgaria. The traditional dish today is the prepared whole lamb, which is probably connected to the pagan sacrificial rituals of the Slavic religion.

There is the legend that on St. George’s day the lamb is slaughtered next to a white wall of a house or other building. The blood that spurts from the cut throat of the lamb as a rule pours over the wall. Based on the stains that remain it is predicted what the year will be – good and fruitful or poor.

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