Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Wage Increases in Bulgaria


I really don't know where they get these figures from. Everyone I know here has either lost their job or been asked to take a pay cut with the recession kicked in,. I think this is just a publicity stunt to encourage confidence in the Bulgarian business world. In Bulgaria many wages on paper are fabricated anyway,. Figures aren't true anyway. When I worked here for a Bulgarian company, I got one wage packet in my hand, but on paper it said something competely different. (No further comment!)

A report by Bulgaria's National Statistical Institute said the average monthly wages and salaries grew 2.7% sequentially in the first quarter to 563 levs from 548 levs in the fourth quarter. A year earlier, in the first quarter, the wages and salaries stood at 484 levs.

The highest increase in wages and salaries of 14.5% was in wholesale and retail trade, followed by a 10.1% rise in construction. At the same time, salaries and wages dropped 10.9% in public administration and defense, and fell 6.5% in education.

Year-on-year, the average wages and salaries increased 16.3% in the first quarter. Wages and salaries increased the most in the utilities sector, by 31.9%, followed by a 28.2% rise in health and social work activities. The lowest growth of 2.9% was in the mining and quarrying sector.

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