Thursday, 7 May 2009

Bulgarian Army - A Powerful Force

I have a friend who is in the Bulgarian Army, he attended the ceremony yesterday. Many of the men in service are overweight and not exactly prime candidates of a fitness regime. I do wonder if they were needed as a ground force army how they would fare with the enemies who may well have a fitter outfit.

I don't suppose Georgi Purvanov (Bulgaria's President) could be seen to say anything else other than what he said - After all it is politics and that of course includes fabrication fo the truth.

President Purvanov: Bulgaria's army is powerful
"We posses armed forces which are capable of guaranteeing the country's national security," he said. "The Bulgarian army is a symbol of patriotism, morale and decency."

The President claimed that "Bulgaria has a modern, European army, which is capable of defending the nation's territory, integrity and sovereignty. We have a serious contribution to make towards defending Europe and establishing world peace and security," he added.

During the military parade newly delivered armoured Hummers and three recently purchased C 27 J Spartan aircraft were shown for the first time.

Following the passing out of Bulgarian units, Belgian, Greek, Spanish, Italian, Russian, US, French, Ukrainian, Portuguese, Austrian, Cypriot, Latvian and Romanian units also participated in the ceremony.

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