Friday, 15 May 2009

Smoking Ban In Bulgaria Won't Work

Smoking Ban In Bulgaria Won't Work

Hardly anyone in Bulgaria wants a smoking ban!! No one complains here!
I don't smoke yet live in an environment where everyone else does, that's my choice. I could choose to not socialise, but smoking is part of Bulgarian culture. Most smokers here know the risks. Of course it's bad for your health and passive smoking is included, but unless you live and socialise in Bulgaria it won't affect you.

If there are 100 Bulgarians in a restaurant and they all smoke what is the problem? I agree the ban will be ignored by the vast majority as this article suggests. Bulgaria should have what Bulgarians want not what outsiders want.

Sofia. I expect that the smoking ban in public places will have the same fate like home-made rakia (fruit brandy popular in Bulgaria, Focus News Agency’s note). An excise duty was imposed on home-made rakia, but has any one paid it?, MP Borislav Kitov told journalists in the parliament’s lobby, cited by Focus News Agency.
“The smoking ban in closed public places is a decision that had to be made sooner or later, but I think we hurried once again,” he said.
Bulgaria can impose a total smoking ban as of February 2011 and the European resolution does not require a total ban, he explained.
He says the control over current regulations should be strengthened and prevention programs should be increased so that people could quit smoking on their own and when the number of non-smokers goes up, the total ban should be introduced.
“The worst is that once again we adopted a law that will not be observed,” he said.

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