Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Rakia (Brandy) In Bulgaria

Bulgarian's have been making their own spirit called rakia for generations, it is very much part of their culture. Recently however the EU have fired more than one shot over the bow trying to impose unaffordable taxes and ridiculous regulations on health and safety to bring Bulgaria in line with the rest of Europe. This has met serious opposition in Bulgaria understandably. It will happen, but for now we enjoy our homemade Rakia while we can.

Rakia (Brandy) In Bulgaria
Rakia Making - The Process

Rakia spirit in Bulgaria is in every home and doesn't just sit there for months on end it is drunk regularly in Bulgaria. It is the National drink and is very much a big part of everyday life here. Without Rakia Bulgaria certainly wouldn't be the same like a body without a soul. The combination of Rakia and Salad is unsurpassed in perfect compliment and the favourite or essential part of the kitchen table layout in Bulgaria.

A Spirit To Be Proud Of

Rakia has been homemade in Bulgaria for generations as had the very much integrated wine process. Who has the best rakia in towns and villages? This is a question repeatedly asked in every household. And in turn every household know the answer to that!

Just on that evidence the Bulgarian are indeed very proud of the rakia they process from start to finish. Their shyness in promoting it and showing it off by literally forcing more than a sample upon guests is legendary.

Extract from The Rakia Site
Photograph from The Rakia Site
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