Thursday, 7 May 2009

Gypsies, Alcohol and Guns

A mixture of the three elements and the result is a story like this. There is another formula, which may give the same result only we don't hear about it. Mafia, money and Guns.
One Killed, Four Wounded After Shooting in Bulgaria
One was killed and four other were wounded after a shooting in the Roma neighborhood of the North Bulgarian town of Pavlikeni, the Police reports Thursday.

The shooting started around 8 PM Wednesday night. Allegedly the shooter was standing in his house and suddenly opened fire on a group of Roma walking on the street.

He and the victims are members of two Roma clans in the city that have had a long-lasting feud between them. According to the Police all of the involved were under the influence of alcohol.

Two of the wounded have been submitted in the town’s hospital, while two other, who were more seriously injured were transported to the district city of Veliko Tarnovo. They are currently both in coma with gunshots in their heads and chests.

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