Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Bulgaria's Current Weather

Well ti has suddenly turn very warm in Bulgaria and is to get even warmer over the coming weekend. With hot weather comes the stroms in May and there are some forecast for Saturday. This is good news to the thousands of part tiem and full time farmers up and down the country. It saves on work watering the crops and tops up underground water reservoirs to be drawn up by wells in the dry summer. May is the wettest month of the year in Bulgaria and that's also good as newly planted crops need regular watering to establish themselves.

Lets' take a look at what weather is in store this weekend. Cold beer and salads all round at the weekend then.
Five-day forecast (Details)
May 21FairFair
May 22FairFair
May 23FairFair
May 24FairFair
May 25FairFair
Hi: 80°
Lo: 55°
Hi: 82°
Lo: 58°
Hi: 86°
Lo: 61°
Hi: 85°
Lo: 59°
Hi: 82°
Lo: 59°
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