Friday, 29 May 2009

Bulgarian Tax Fraud Investigated

It goes on here, tax fraud that is. Perhaps it is too easy to get away with here. The old fashioned tax inspector does not really exist here. Perhaps this is the beginning of the end of tax fraud - I doubt it though, this is Bulgaria!

The national Revenue Agency, NRA launched investigations into 400 companies for suspected tax fraud estimated at more than 50 million euros, NRA head Krassimir Stefanov told Bulgarian National Radio.

Stefanov said that after special measures, including the confiscation of cash registers at companies, the agency had collected 4 million leva (about 2 million euros), Bulgarian broadcaster Mediapool said.

April 30 was the final day for individuals to file declarations. According to preliminary data, 40 people filed declarations of income over one million leva (half million euros), while one person declared income of over 10 million leva (5 million euros).

Stefanov said the NRA was not targeting the rich. According to him, the actions of the agency were targeted at those who demonstrated high standards of living, owned real estate and yet declared no or minimum income.
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