Tuesday, 19 May 2009

A Resounding No To Oil Pipeline Through Pomorie

Trans-Alaska Oil Pipeline

This should have a massive say in whether the oil pipeline goes ahead or not. Democracy should now precide and the whole scheme dropped, but there are people in power who want it to go ahead for political and financial reasons and who probably aren't local not living in the Pomorie region. Let's hope people power have their say.

Nearly 99% of the voters in the referendum in the Bulgarian town of Pomorie that was held on Saturday have voted against the construction of the oil pipeline ‘Burgas-Alexandrupolis’, the Municipal Election committee’s data shows.

Voters were asked if they approve the of the oil pipeline Burgas-Alexandrupolis with a route of the pipeline and installations situated on the territory of Pomorie municipality. Over 60% of the people who have the right to vote went out and exercised it, 98.97% said ‘no’.

The results of the referendum will be sent to the regional governor of Burgas, the European commission and the project company of the equipment. According to Bulgarian laws a local referendum has the right to overwrite any decision if over 50% of voters participated.


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