Sunday, 22 March 2009

Spring In Bulgaria, But So Is More Snow

It is so true what they say about Baba Marta and her wicked way with the weather in March. Wise old heads in Bulgaria know that waiting for April is wise when it comes to gaurantees with warm weather.

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Road conditions in Bulgaria difficult after overnight snowfall

Road conditions in Bulgaria difficult after overnight snowfall
The calendar marks the spring equinox, but most of Bulgaria finds itself under snow. In Sofia, snow has mostly melted away quickly, but in parts of southern Bulgaria the situation is much worse.
It is still snowing across most of the southwestern and southern Bulgaria, with the snow cover reaching as high as 60cm in some areas in Pernik region, news agency Focus reported. Blagoevgrad and Kyustendil regions are also seeing heavy snowfalls, Focus said.
The heavy wet snow has caused blackouts throughout southwestern Bulgaria, power distribution company CEZ has said. Snow cover of up to 65cm is impeding emergency crews from reaching all affected areas.
NRIA recommended that drivers avoided taking trips to the southern part of the country unless necessary, including the Rila and Rhodope mountains, Focus said.
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