Saturday, 19 September 2015

Simple Treasures in Bulgaria - Book now on Kindle from 1st October!

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Simple Treasures in Bulgaria - By Martin Miller-Yianni

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Most, if not all travel books about Bulgaria cover well-trodden tourist resorts and understandingly ignoring lesser-known parts of Bulgaria. These 'fortunate' neglected areas, where tourism hasn't affected, remain in my and many others' opinion the most treasured parts of Bulgaria. The writing contains a variety of titles ranging from an epitaph of a simple Bulgarian village farmer to a traditional Bulgarian recipe with a local twist; articles giving humorous moments to more serious issues that Bulgarians have to contend with. It is seen with a clear view of how Bulgarians live and work both in towns and villages remaining firmly family and community bound.

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Simple-Treasures In Bulgaria

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Severe Penalties for Bulgarian Smugglers!

A Bulgarian court has sentenced a people trafficker to 11 months in prison and a BGN 2,000 (EUR 1,000) fine for helping smuggle 54 migrants into Bulgaria from Turkey, the Chief Prosecutor’s office announced on Friday. Police arrested Kalcho Iliev on Monday after they stopped for inspection an Iveco van he was driving and found the migrants, including six women and 16 children aged between 2 and 12, crammed into the back of the vehicle. The court found Iliev guilty of assisting an yet unidentified people trafficker smuggle the migrants into Bulgaria across the border with Turkey. The sentence cannot be appealed, the chief prosecutor's office said in a statement.

Bulgaria: Bulgaria Gives 11-Month Jail Term to People Smuggler - 

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