Sunday, 10 May 2009

The Arsenal v Tottenham of Bulgaria

It was the battle of the two top Sofia football teams CSKA v Levski, the equivilant of an Arsenal v Tottenham London derby. Levski came out tops this time round much to Galia's disappointment. Galia and here family all support the reds CSKA here in the Yambol. There's always the next match for CSKA to get revenge however.

Bulgaria Levski Football Club Defeats CSKA by 2:0: Bulgaria Levski Football Club Defeats CSKA by 2:0

The Levski football club finally came back to life Saturday evening and won the game against their eternal rival CSKA.

This was the 123rd match between the two most popular Bulgarian football teams. The 2:0 score brings Levski much closer to the coveted national championship title.

The blue team (Levski) managed to reduce CSKA's lead to only 1 point and restore the suspense in the championship.

The Reds (CSKA) played enthusiastically during the firs 10 minutes of the game, but soon gave up to Levski's players.

The Blues were able to quickly gain ground, despite the fact that they were left in the very beginning without two of their top performers - Georgi Ivanov -Gonzo and Hristo Yovov.

Both had to leave the game over injuries and were replaced by Georgi Hristov and Ze Soares. Ironically, the two reserves became also the scorers to shatter CSKA's hopes - respectively in the first and the second half.

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