Saturday, 23 May 2009

Pope Against Muslim Europe?

Pope Benedict XVI blesses the faithful from th...

Knowing how reactions are with extreme muslims, the visit and speech from the Pope yesturday could be seen as an declaraton fo war against a Muslim Europe. Nothing wrong with stating a fact that Europe was Christian based society, but are you allowed say that Bulgarian should try and make a contribution to keep Europe Christian based?
The celebration of Sts. Cyril and Methodious, Macedonian missionary brothers who evangelized the Slavs, brought the presidents of Bulgaria and Macedonia to Rome on Friday. Pope Benedict received both of the presidents separately and encouraged them to take inspiration for building a peaceful, Christian Europe.

The Pope is quoted as saying:
"May their spiritual witness abide in your nation," he added, "so that Bulgaria, thanks also to this source of light and hope, may make an effective contribution to building a Europe faithful to its Christian roots. And may the values of solidarity and justice, of freedom and peace ... find even greater force and solidity in Christ's eternal teaching, as translated into the lives of His disciples in all times."

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