Thursday, 14 May 2009

Dirty Supermarket Tactics In Bulgaria

Dirty Supermarket Tactics In Bulgaria

Bulgaria's anti-monopoly commission has started a looking into the affairs of six major supermarket companies to check if they had pressured suppliers into lower prices, yesterday.
Under investigation are Germany's Metro Cash & Carry, HIT, Kaufland, Austria's Billa, Serbia's Piccadilly and Latvia's Maxima. The alleged crime was that they my have pressured food and consumer goods suppliers to cut prices and accept late payments.

The food suppliers say they have been forced to accept late payments at a time when they needed cash to run their businesses and had to cut their prices.

None of the supermarket chains were available for comment. this is in breach of fair competition rules. Bulgaria has been hard hit by the global recession and its businesses have suffered as cheap credit has disappeared.

I really detest supermarkets and their dirty tactics for business and a venerable public who just don’t know what goes on being the supermarket aisles. Why am I not surprised this goes on, after all, why should their greed be any different in Bulgaria. They will never change and I will continue to hate them along other who know about them.
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