Sunday, 17 May 2009

Gambling Raids In Bulgaria

With many casinos in towns there is a great demand for this sort of activity and of course illigal gambiling. With this in the field of play there is always the online version of gambling that must reflect the demand. Big business gamblng in Bulgaria and the capture n this raid is a drop in the ocean. It has always been known that football is one of the biggest areas for gambling and postively encouraged by big advertising campaigns in the media,, no surprise with the link there.
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Over 120 officers in the Bulgarian police anti-organised crime unit were involved as the week ended in wideranging raids throughout Southeast and central Northern Bulgaria, and in the capital, Sofia. The raids targeted a large illegal gambling operation which used unidentified offshore betting websites to place bets for local gamblers, mainly on football matches.

Police spokesmen reported that 30 people had been arrested, and claimed that the ring had a turnover of around Bulgrian Leva 5 million (Euro 2.55 million). The police seized various amounts of cash in diverse currencies, 20 computers, 37 mobile phones, a car, firm and banking contracts, gold, jewelry, and several doses of cocaine.

Without giving details, the spokesman revealed that among those arrested were several persons with close connections to Bulgarian football clubs.

Investigations are continuing.

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