Saturday, 23 May 2009

Swine Flu In Bulgaria - Not Confirmed Though

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It sees that the Bulgarian medical experts can't recognise swine flu apart from other flu symtoms. Seems a bit feeble with communication technology on a worldwide basis. Scare mongering if you ask me. Why have Turkey and Greece with far bigger populations only got one comfirmed? The statistics don't really add up.

11,168 swine flu cases and 86 deaths were registered so far, in 42 countries across the world, the latest toll of the World Health Organization reveals. In Bulgaria, the Health ministry identified 15 possible swine flu cases and one of the suspects, a Spanish citizen who presents the symptoms of the flu was hospitalized at Ruse, Romania's south border, informs.

Most swine flu cases were registered in US - 5764, Mexico with 3892 cases, Canada 719 cases, Japan 294 cases, Great Britain 112 cases and Spain 113 cases.

According to Bulgarian authorities, none of the cases were yet confirmed. Greece and Turkey as well confirmed one swine flu case each.

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