Sunday, 3 May 2009

Free Press in Bulgaria - Who Do You Believe?

Today may 3rd marks 'World Free Press Day." Another day where another occasion is remembered or celebrated - There are far too many of these types of days in my opinion.

I find this report rather ironic coming from an organisation that is itself giving a press report! Whose to say they are free?

The press and media are always going to be influenced whatever country it comes from. You read and you decide whether to believe it or not. Just like this report, given.

Bulgaria Media Partly Free, Freedom House Reports

Bulgaria Bulgaria Media Partly Free, Freedom House Reports: Bulgaria Media Partly Free, Freedom House Reports

Bulgaria is part of the countries that are Partly Free according to the Press Freedom 2008 report of the nonprofit law organization Freedom House.

Media outlets express a diverse range of public and political views, in most cases without government interference. However, the country's reporters continue to face pressure and intimidation aimed at protecting economic, political, and criminal interests. The perpetrators often operate with impunity, leading to some self-censorship among journalists, the report said about Bulgaria.

However, smaller regional stations and publications struggle financially, providing low salaries to reporters and weak scrutiny of local officials. Many traditional media outlets have established a presence on the Internet, which is unrestricted by the government and used by about 30 percent of the population.

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