Saturday, 9 May 2009

Bulgarian Greek In UK Pickpocketing Bonanza

Well I suppose London attracts these sorts of people although there is no excuse for it. Greek, Bulgarian or English stealing off other people's hard earned cash should be punished and he has been. The trouble is prison is a life of luxury in the UK and more of a burden on the tax payer there. He should be made to pay £100,000 out of his own pocket for the rest of his working life.

Sofia also attracts pickpockets as the story says he married into a family of pickpockets from Bulgaria's Captial City. London and other UK towns obviously are a more lucrative business for the likes of pickpockets wherever they come from.
Bulgarian family's pickpocketing bonanza

A Greek national who had married into a Bulgarian family – and gave his address as Sofia – was today sentenced to four years in jail for a pickpocketing spree on the London underground that saw him net 100 000 pounds a year.
"As well as targeting passengers in London, the enterprise, which the court heard was run by a Bulgarian family, also operated across the country, including in Chesterfield, Southend, Worthing, Mansfield and Cumbria," according to the Guardian.
The newspaper goes on to report that "Nastos directed a group of female pickpockets, sending them out to steal in pairs, providing them with somewhere to live, paying fines for them and, in some cases, organising one-way flights out of the country before they could appear in court for sentencing. The court heard that Nastos, who lived in Wood Green, north London, but gave his address as Sofia in Bulgaria, married into a Bulgarian family of pickpockets in 2001 and helped run their UK operation".
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