Saturday, 19 September 2015

Simple Treasures in Bulgaria - Book now on Kindle from 1st October!

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Simple Treasures in Bulgaria - By Martin Miller-Yianni

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Most, if not all travel books about Bulgaria cover well-trodden tourist resorts and understandingly ignoring lesser-known parts of Bulgaria. These 'fortunate' neglected areas, where tourism hasn't affected, remain in my and many others' opinion the most treasured parts of Bulgaria. The writing contains a variety of titles ranging from an epitaph of a simple Bulgarian village farmer to a traditional Bulgarian recipe with a local twist; articles giving humorous moments to more serious issues that Bulgarians have to contend with. It is seen with a clear view of how Bulgarians live and work both in towns and villages remaining firmly family and community bound.

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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Severe Penalties for Bulgarian Smugglers!

A Bulgarian court has sentenced a people trafficker to 11 months in prison and a BGN 2,000 (EUR 1,000) fine for helping smuggle 54 migrants into Bulgaria from Turkey, the Chief Prosecutor’s office announced on Friday. Police arrested Kalcho Iliev on Monday after they stopped for inspection an Iveco van he was driving and found the migrants, including six women and 16 children aged between 2 and 12, crammed into the back of the vehicle. The court found Iliev guilty of assisting an yet unidentified people trafficker smuggle the migrants into Bulgaria across the border with Turkey. The sentence cannot be appealed, the chief prosecutor's office said in a statement.

Bulgaria: Bulgaria Gives 11-Month Jail Term to People Smuggler - 

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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Quite a Simple Answer - Pay More Wages and Pensions!

The less you earn the less tax you pay, so the answer to the problem is quite simply to increase earnings and pensions. Of course it is never as easy as that with competition for jobs in this current world economic climate.

Bulgaria's average taxable income stood at 583.56 leva in June, down by nine leva compared to May and by 15 leva compared to April, the National Statistics Institute (NSI) said.
According to NSI's reports for previous years, the country's taxable income traditionally declines in June, July and August. Statistical data for May and June 2011 also showed a drop in the average salary in the country, mainly due to the growth in the grey economy and the recruitment of low-paid workers in hotels, restaurants, agriculture and other seasonal industries. As a result, employment growth has led to a reduction in the average income of the population.According to Government estimates, the average taxable income should reach 610 leva this year to allow the country meet its insurance revenue targets. Otherwise, the state will seen an additional deficit, which will need to be filled up with the money from all taxpayers, including pensioners.

Monday, 15 August 2011

Gas Prices Up in Bulgaria - Again!

More misery for Bulgarians coming as this increase is implemented. who suffers the most? The old who need heat in the winter the most! Pity there isn't contingency plans for the poorest people.

Bulgaria's state-run gas monopoly Bulgargas plans to propose a 19.98 per cent increase in natural gas prices from October, according to the company's preliminary estimates published on August 12 2011.

In view of the current market environment, Bulgargas will ask that natural gas prices be increased to 668.59 leva a 1000 cu m from 557.22 leva currently.

"The reasons for the spike are the higher prices of alternative oil products in the past months, the appreciation of the Bulgarian currency against the US dollar and the increased gas imports in the fourth quarter of 2011," Bulgargas said.

The company is to submit its proposal to the State Energy and Water Regulatory Commission (SEWRC) on September 10, while the regulator will set the new gas tariffs at the end of September.

Bulgargas boosted its revenue by 235 million leva to 848 million leva in the first half of 2011, while its net profit stood at 17.4 million leva. Its net result, however, was negative, at 3.76 million leva, due to currency differences.


Sunday, 14 August 2011

Holidays Booming in Bulgaria

Good news for overseas holiday makers and Bulgarian business as figures indicate that this year tourist shows the best results in 10 years. Let's hope that the money invested is ploughed back into the industry to improve the resorts even further.

Bulgaria's 2011 summer tourist season will most likely end up being the most successful in terms of revenues in the past ten years, various data indicates.

The Institute for Analysis and Assessment in Tourism, a think-tank, estimated that 6.6 million tourists will have visited the Bulgarian Black Sea by the end of the season in August 2011. This means a growth of the number of tourists by some 14% with respect to their numbers in 2010.

According to estimates of the Varna Tourism Chamber, this summer Bulgaria is seeing 20% more tourists from Russia, as well as smaller increases in the number of tourists from Germany, Romania, Ukraine, Moldova, Poland, and Israel. Only the Polish tourists already account for 15% of all bookings.
There is a predicted a rise in the numbers of tourists from Arab nations such as Iraq, Syria, and Jordan.