Monday, 22 January 2018

The Cheapest Holiday Destination for 2018 is Bulgaria

Bulgaria by far the cheapest holiday destination for 2018

Cheapest Holiday, 2018, Bulgaria

Just look at the stats given by the Post Office's Yearly Survey for 2018..........

DestinationCost of  typical travel purchases such as drinks in local bars and restaurant meal
Bulgaria (Sunny Beach)£37.92
Japan (Tokyo)£43.14
Portugal (Algarve)£44.25
Czech Republic (Prague)£53.40
South Africa (Cape Town)£54.95
Spain (Costa del Sol)£55.20
Turkey (Marmaris)£55.65
Cyprus (Paphos)£57.72
Hungary (Budapest)£65.39
Vietnam (Hoi An)£65.85
Indonesia (Bali)£66.61
Kenya (Mombasa)£66.77
Dominican Republic (Punta Cana)£67.46
USA (Orlando)£71.82
Sri Lanka (Colombo)£72.12
Malaysia (Penang)£76.21
Greece (Corfu)£77.83
Malta (Sliema)£78.46
Mexico (Cancun)£80.70
Costa Rica (Tamarindo)£81.48
Thailand (Phuket)£86.27
Italy (Sorrento)£91.47
USA (New York)£95.88
Mauritius (Grand Baie)£96.03
St Lucia (Rodney Bay)£99.61
South Korea (Seoul)£103.11
New Zealand (Auckland)£104.80
Jamaica (Montego Bay)£105.53
France (Nice)£106.45
Canada (Vancouver)£106.46
Peru (Lima)£109.81
Antigua (Jolly Beach)£114.18
Australia (Darwin)£120.30
China (Beijing)£126.38
Chile (Santiago)£137.28
Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)£138.59
Barbados (St Lawrence Gap)£139.29
Oman (Muscat)£141
Dubai (Jumeirah)£141.23
Singapore (China Town)£153.72

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The Cheapest Holiday Destination for 2018? Bulgaria