Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Bulgarian Doctors Sick For A Change

The Doctors in Bulgaria are sick of not being paid what is due to them. The talking is over and the action has started, who suffers? The sick and the needy of course. With the opposition who supports their cause (if they were in power they wouldn't of course!) Is there an end? Or is it to escalate?

Doctors in two Bulgarian towns began a strike Monday that was set to expand nationally over non-payment of fees by the federal health ministry.
The National Association of General Practitioners warned of the strike during the weekend, saying its members hadn't been paid for their work in January, the Sofia Echo reported.
The strike is scheduled to expand to the capital Sofia and other cities by Tuesday, Mediapool.bg reported.
The doctors are also calling for healthcare reform to streamline the process of obtaining permission to refer patients for further treatment, the report said.
The union said anyone requiring medical care should visit a hospital emergency department, but they would have to pay cash for treatment,
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