Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Harley Davidsons Gather in Bulgaria

Harley Davidson bike owners are widespread in Bulgaria, so it was inevitable that this would happen. Could be an annual event it seems.

The first ever meeting of Bulgarian owners of Harley-Davidson motorcycles has been hosted by Veliko Tarnovo, a tourism center and Bulgaria's medieval capital.
About 150 people in Bulgaria own Harley-Davidson bikes, and half of those were expected to attend the meeting as the organizers sent invitations to Harley-Davidson clubs in Bulgaria and in neighboring countries.
The major driving force of the first Bulgarian Harley-Davidson meeting has beenVeliko Tarnovo businessman Petar Stefanov from the Bed Company Motor Club, Darik Veliko Tarnovo reported.
Stefanov is the owner of a 1600-cubic Harley-Davidson Fatboy that he purchased from the USA 5 years ago, the same model that was show in hit movie Terminator 2.