Sunday, 14 August 2011

Holidays Booming in Bulgaria

Good news for overseas holiday makers and Bulgarian business as figures indicate that this year tourist shows the best results in 10 years. Let's hope that the money invested is ploughed back into the industry to improve the resorts even further.

Bulgaria's 2011 summer tourist season will most likely end up being the most successful in terms of revenues in the past ten years, various data indicates.

The Institute for Analysis and Assessment in Tourism, a think-tank, estimated that 6.6 million tourists will have visited the Bulgarian Black Sea by the end of the season in August 2011. This means a growth of the number of tourists by some 14% with respect to their numbers in 2010.

According to estimates of the Varna Tourism Chamber, this summer Bulgaria is seeing 20% more tourists from Russia, as well as smaller increases in the number of tourists from Germany, Romania, Ukraine, Moldova, Poland, and Israel. Only the Polish tourists already account for 15% of all bookings.
There is a predicted a rise in the numbers of tourists from Arab nations such as Iraq, Syria, and Jordan.