Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Fast Food Pizza Creeping In

It's only a matter of time when fast food will become the norm here. The fashion for healthy food is coming to an end in Bulgaria as I speak!
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GMJ Restaurants picked as Pizza Hut representative for Bulgaria

Over the next months, the chain will be revamped into full-service restaurants. GMJ will be the first company to launch the Pizza Delivered Fresh service in Bulgaria. The formula is in place in the US, the UK and other countries. Bulgaria is the first country in Central and Eastern Europe country in which the service will be available.

Polish company AmRest also holds rights to develop the Pizza Hut brand in Bulgaria. The company, which stepped on the market last year, also represents Burger King and KFC in Bulgaria.

GMJ Restaurants International will be the new representative in Bulgaria for the Pizza Hut franchise, Tsvetan Trenchev, a partner in the newly founded company, said. The chain was formerly represented by Excel Associates, where Trenchev also had a stake.

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