Monday, 23 February 2009

Bulgarian Eurovison Entry For 2009

I can't believe this song won, I thought it would be in last place, I don't know how it got into the finals here in the first place. The guy can't sing in tune to save his life.

One of the longest national selection shows for this year's Eurovision Song Contest is over. Krassimir Avramov has won tonight's Bulgarian show with Illusion.

After a series of quarter-finals and semi-finals, finally twelve songs made it to tonight's stage in the Sports Palace in Sofia. The grandiose show, with the famous Russian pop star Philip Kirkorov as a guest, was ended by the reprise of the winning Illusion by Krassimir Avramov.

A graduate of the National Academy for Theatrical and Film Arts (NATFIZ), he trained in pantomime. But Krassimir, being blessed with a very rare and unique male voice, the tenor-altino, could not stay silent for long. His 1997 debut album, Silent Voices topped the pop charts in Bulgaria. One year later Krassimir’s journey would continue in the entertainment capital of the world, Los Angeles, California.

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