Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Nearly 1M Gypsies in Bulgaria - No Suprise!

If you have seen the Gypsy ghettos and the size of them, plus the other smaller areas that populate every town in Bulgaria, this is no surprise.

It's old news (2007) so the figures have gone up since then. Gypsies have been on a baby boom for decades now and their population is growing at a much faster rate than the Bulgarian population.

800,000 Gypsies Live in Bulgaria

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More than 800,000 Gypsies live in the country, the half of them are isolated in ghettos, informed professor Svetoslav Ivanov on a discussion, organized by ‘Gypsy union for sport and culture' NGO.

64% from the Roms in Bulgaria live with less than 3 BGN (1,5 EUR) per day, more than 50% are unemployed.

According to the professor's statement 20% of the gypsies are ignorant, only 70% finish their elementary education.

Government has seriously engaged with solving Roma's problems: education, labor qualification and others.