Saturday, 16 August 2008

Disappearing Moon

I saw this tonight as the moon gradually disappeared with the earth's shadow. I am typing this and looking out at the diminishing moon as it happens right now!!
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Earth will hide the Moon tonight
11:46 Sat 16 Aug 2008

The wonders of nature keep on surprising in August. After the solar eclipse from August 1 and the meteor shower on august 12 and 13, in the night of August 16 a partial lunar eclipse will be observed.

It will begin at 10.36 pm EEST and will end on 1.45am on August 17.

It is the second of only two lunar eclipses in 2008 and will be visible by most of Eastern Europe and Africa, and a large portion of Western and Central Asia and India. Parts of Australia will see the eclipse begin before sunrise, while parts of South America will see it end just after sunset.

The next lunar eclipse will take place on February 9 2009 and will be penumbral. A total lunar eclipse will be seen as late as December 21 2010.

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