Sunday, 31 August 2008

Yazaki Factory

Ivo, Galia's son works in the factory in Yambol.
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The Japanese corporation Yazaki is investing in a second facotry in Bulgaria, this time in the northeast city of Turgovishte. Photo by

new factory, which will produce equipment for the cars of the French brand Renault, will start manufacturing operations in the northeastern Bulgarian city of Turgovishte by the middle of 2009.

The investment will be made by the Japanese car equipment producer Yazaki through the firm Zenon-BG.

The Japanese car equipment producer Yazaki already has a similar factory in the southeast Bulgarian city of Yambol, which employs 2 200 workers, and has an area of 26 000 square meters.

After Turgovishte, the company is planning to open two more similar plants elsewhere in the country.

It will produce the complete cable installations for Renault Megane, which will be exported to France to be installed in the cars manufactured there.