Thursday, 1 January 2009

Firework Accidents - No Surprise Really

It amazes me there aren't many other accidents relating to fireworks in Bulgaria. They are sold freely to children and no questions asked. They are also freely let of in public streets without anyone saying anything. This will change in due course, but not before more injuries happen.
Firework injuries and car accidents prevail in Bulgaria’s New Year's Eve celebrations

An eye injury from a firework, a heavy car accident near Ruski Pametnik in Sofia and a few alcohol-related incidents were among the registered cases at the Pirogov emergency hospital in the capital during Bulgaria’s New Year's celebrations, Bulgarian news agency BTA said, as quoted by Dnevnik daily on January 1 2009.

One patient sustaining an eye injury from a firework was transported from the village of Loboush, Kovachevtsi municipality. Another seven patients were treated for minor beating-inflicted wounds and later discharged from the hospital.

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