Sunday, 18 January 2009

Third Protest By Police - It Was Cold That Day

It must have been a cold day in Sofia as the third protest took place with their hands in their pockets. Who could blame them, I think most people out ont he streets would have their hands in their pockets whether they were protesting or not. Good idea chaps..
Bulgaria Policemen Protest with Hands in Their Pockets
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About 400 policemen, awaiting the beginning of their latest protest really, have already gathered in front of the building of the Bulgarian Interior Ministry in downtown Sofia.
The protest rally is the third one in the course of just one month. During the first one, the demonstrators smoke cigarettes, drank water during the second, while Saturday they will stand up with hands in their pockets as a sign of protest.

The protesting policemen demand changes in the Law for the Interior Ministry, immediate changes in the penalty code with more serious punishment and sentences including for attacks on police employees, improvement of facilities and better pay, extra pay for night shifts, among others.