Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Bulgaria Skating Champ Gets Change of Sentence Term and Compensation Payments

The sentence passed on the former world champion pairs figure skater Maxim Staviski from suspended to effective. The judge panel passed new sentence. They decided to keep the term of two years and a half, but Maxim Staviski will be imprisoned for two years and a half under easy regime.

They also changed the value of the civil claims made. Compensation of BGN 90,000 was set before for the parents of Petar Petrov who died in the accident. Maxim will now have to pay BGN 120,000 to each of the parents. The civil claim for Manuela Gorsova, who was in coma after the car crash, has been changed too originally BGN 80,000 it is now increased to BGN 150,000.

The defendant has a 15-day deadline to appeal.

clipped from www.focus-fen.net
A Reminder of the Offence
On August 5, 2007, driving his Jeep with too high speed, Maxim Staviski enters the opposite roadline and crashed into a coming Honda, driven by 23-year-old Petar Petrov from the town of Sliven. After the head-on collision with the Jeep, the Honda is hit by an Audi. Petar Petrov died on the spot. His friend, Manuela Gorsova was badly injured and got into come.

The blood test made on Maxim Staviski registered 1.1 permils of alcohol.