Sunday, 11 January 2009

Hurrah Gas is Turned Back On - Now the Wait!

The suffering of Bulgarians without gas is almost over as Russian have turn on the supplies again. Too late to help us through the coldest few days of the year at around -18 C.

No Ukrainian Gas Supplies for Bulgaria, only Russian
Ukraine can not fulfil its promise to supply natural gas to Bulgaria because there isn't a direct pipeline between the two countries, Bulgarian Minister of Economy and Energy Peter Dimitrov, quoted by Focus, said on Sunday.

Earlier Ukrainian president Viktor Yushchenko had offered his Bulgarian counterpart Georgi Parvanov that Ukraine would supply Bulgaria with 2 million cubic meters of gas per day from its own reserves.

This however can not be done via the existing pipe going through Romania as the above mentioned volume would not provide enough pressure.

Russia remains Bulgaria's only capable supplier of gas, said Dimitrov. The Balkan country is waiting out the 36 hours it will take the gas to finally reach its pipeline system after they have been restarted today.