Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Cheap All Inclusive Bulgarian Holidays For Romanians

At 60 Bulgarian Leva for a two night inclusive package on the Black Sea Coast, who woudln't go there. It is a fact that the Romanians wil be offered the deal but not British who will still have to pay premium rates. No surprise there then.

Romanians head to Bulgaria for Easter

Cheap All Inclusive Bulgarian Holidays For Romanians
Reports indicate that up to 10 000 Romanians are planning to spend their Easter holidays in Bulgaria, where a two-nights, all-inclusive package could cost as little as 60 leva, according to a representative of Romania's national tourist agency association ANAT.

So far about 80 000 Romanians have bought Easter tourist packages, 30 000 of them for vacations abroad, Traian Bădulescu, an ANAT spokesperson announced.

The average prices for a one-person package this year are between 50 and 150 euro for Romania’s resorts and between 60 and 1000 euro for international destinations.

Bulgaria and Greece are Romanians’ favourite Easter holiday destinations, Bădulescu noted.

This year, the Eastern Orthodox Easter falls on April 19.


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