Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Pig Flu Preperation In Bulgaria

It looks like Bulgaria is ready for the pig (swine) flu Epedemic that is spreading rapidly from it's source in Mexico. It is slightly worrying that they can't identify the virus in Bulgaria, but at least the isolation of potental carriers is now in place with medication at hand.

Bulgaria's health minister says his country has no facility to identify swine flu virus and will have to ask a foreign lab to test a suspected patient's sample.

Bulgarian Health Minister Evgeni Zhelev said all suspected cases will be placed in quarantine and patient tests will be sent to a lab recommended by the World Health Organization to determine the results, the Bulgarian Sofia news agency SNA said Tuesday.

Zhelev said Bulgaria has enough anti-flu medicines to deal with an epidemic. Hospitals and clinics were given strict instructions on what to do in case of a swine flu case, he said.

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