Thursday, 16 April 2009

Work Available in Yambo But No Interest

Maybe it's the feeble 175 Euro pay packet each month that puts Bulgarians off, but any work is better than no work at all. Also this time of the year many villagers are busy on the land, bad timing for recruting country based folk. I might even be interested myself if they would consider a Englishman with pigeon Bulgarian!
Despite the crisis a Japanese company in the Bulgarian town of Yambol is looking for 400 workers.

“Yazaki” company which produces cables for “Renault” cars has already appointed over 2500 people for less than two years.

For several days the Japanese are constantly placing job announcement for new employees from Yambol, Sliven and the whole region. Free transport and food are provided, writes The minimal wage in the plant s 175 euro.

The first two weeks the enterprise pays the training of the future workers.

The local government in Tundja municipality which comprises of 40 villages around Yambol has called the village mayors with a request to search for people to work in “Yazaki”.

Meanwhile the town of Sliven is covered with brochures of the company. However, there are not many people interested in working in the plant.

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