Thursday, 30 April 2009

May Day Starts A 6 Day Holiday In Bulgaria

Here in Bulgaria we begin May with a six day holiday period coming up. The first day of this is May Day, the old Labour and Solidarity that is celebrated, rather old hat in these anti-socialist times, but still carries on to the joy of thousands of Bulgarians.

The 6th of May is another big name, namely George Day ( probably the second biggest after Marta Name Day. Seems shame to break up these two speical days of celebration, so the Monday and Tuesday after the holiday weekend have been adopted as public holidays as well. These bridging public holiday have been borrowed as the 16th and 30th May, both Saturdays have to be worked in compensation.

Here is the run of play over the next six days in Bulgaria:

1 May - May Day, Labour and International Workers' Solidarity Day
2 May - Weekend Day (Saturday)
3 May - Weekend Day (Sunday)
4 May - Bridge Public Holiday (Compensated on 16th May)
5 May - Bridge Public Holiday (Compensated on 30th May
6 May - Saint George's Day - Day of the Bulgarian Army and Valour

The big party starts after work this evening for most Bulgarians - Myself included.

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