Thursday, 12 November 2009

Bulgaria Shun Greedy Bolivian Football Association

Bulgaria Shun Greedy Bolivian Football Association

Ha, ha, greedy second-rate Bolivian football Association trying it on and got egg on their face. Well done Bulgaria for throwing the egg, I landed and smashed good and proper. Friendly football matches are for the benefit of both teams to try out their teams and are not a money spinning exercise.

The Bolivian FA have decided to scrap their scheduled international against Bulgaria. The friendly was supposed to be played at the Vasil Levski National Stadium on November 14.

The Bolivians suddenly demanded a large sum of money to travel to Sofia, according to an official statement from the Bulgarian Football Union. Bulgaria turned down the demand, and the match has therefore been cancelled.

Bulgaria’s national team is still on schedule to visit Malta on November 18.

It's not yet sure certain whether Bolivia's friendly game against Cyprus, scheduled for 18 November, will be played.
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