Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Bulgarians Not Interested Voting In Sofia's New Major

Less than 15% turn out in the capital to vote for their new mayor! Just shows you how isolated the people feel in Bulgaria with politicians of whom they have no confidence in. ‘Puppets on a string’ is how one of my Bulgarian friends described all politicians in Bulgaria. I think he could draw that tag on politicians worldwide!

Bulgarians Not Interested Voting In Sofia's New Major
Citizens are showing little interest in the six mayoral by-elections, which are held in Bulgaria on Sunday, including the capital Sofia, leading to a record-low turnout, official data shows.
Four hours before the voting day ends at 7 pm, less than 15% of the eligible voters in the capital, have cast a ballot for the race that will pick the successor of Prime Minister Boyko Borisov. The same turnout was registered in the northwestern city of Vratsa.
The village of Beglezh, located close to the northern city of Pleven, currently tops the turnout ranking with 50% of the voters having already cast a ballot. Next comes the southwestern region of Razlog, where the turnout reached 39,52% and the town of Pravetz (30,19%).
Representatives of the Central Electoral Commission have called on the citizens to cast a ballot in the elections, saying time is running out.

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