Wednesday, 18 November 2009

More Wind Powered Electricity In Bulgaria - Never Cheaper Though

This is good new all round for Bulgaria on an energy source that is plentiful in this country that is a wind tunnel with the plains in the middle of two sets of mountain in the north and south. It makes so much sense to take this route in capturing the renewable energy source. We do hope that is will reduce the massive tariffs on electricity paid by Bulgarians. Currently, (excuse the pun) 25% of my income is taken up paying electric bills in our home. We all know reduce electricity bills will never happen.

More Wind Powered Electricity In Bulgaria - Never Cheaper Though
Bulgaria will take on an ambitious plan to expand its power capacity from 330 megawatts at present to over 3,000 megawatts by 2020.
According to a European Union directive establishing mandatory targets for renewable energy in member states, Bulgaria is required to increase its renewable energy mix to 16 percent by 2020. Currently, renewable energy makes up 9.4 percent of Bulgaria’s supply.
Kostadinka Todorova, director for energy efficiency and environmental protection at the Bulgarian Ministry of Energy noted that not only is the administration on track to submit their action plan to the European Commission, but they are also working on a new renewable energy law to attract even more investment in the sector.
A workshop on integrating wind power organized by the European Wind Energy Association in cooperation with the Bulgarian Association of Producers of Ecological Energy pooled industry leaders, government representatives and national electricity companies to discuss the potential for wind power development in the country.
Bulgaria is expected to submit a national action plan to boost renewable energy by June 2010.

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