Monday, 23 November 2009

What a Waste From The EC

The European Commission is just bullying Bulgaria and using tactics that just are not in line of sensible action. Instead of giving out financial penalties they should support the action on waste with financial help. The problem in Sofia lies plainly with finance to deal with the problem of waste. This will be exaggerated if ill afforded funds are demanded from sueing. Just another example of the EC creating more problems for Bulgaria.

What a Waste From The EC

The European Commission (EC) is pursuing court action against Bulgaria for failing to properly implement European Union waste disposal law, the EC said in a November 20 2009 media statement.

The case concerns inadequate waste disposal facilities in Sofia. Bulgaria should have had an adequate network of waste disposal installations in place by the time it joined the EU on January 1 2007 but no solution is in place.

Sofia continues to rely on the old sub-standard Sudohol landfill.

"Community funding is available to upgrade the capital's waste infrastructure. However, while the Bulgarian authorities have been working towards making important new investments, a solution remains some years away," the EC said.

This is a breach of EU waste law which establishes basic waste management requirements that member states must meet to ensure a high level of protection for the environment and human health.

Article 228 of the treaty gives the EC power to act against a Member State that does not comply with a previous judgement of the European Court of Justice. The article also allows the EC to ask the court to impose a financial penalty on the member state.

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