Sunday, 29 November 2009

Metro -The New Anti-Christ In Bulgaria

This is a very sad time for Bulgaria who has now given in to commercialism brought home by western European owned companies operating in their sly way here. The whole ethics of the Christmas season is down the drain in one fell swoop as this Anti-Christ Metro company set the ball rolling for the evil of commercialism to spread. I can’t hide my hate for companies such as these, with business far outweighing importance than a day of family bonding and reflection on the birth of Christianity at home.

Metro -The New Anti-Christ In Bulgaria
Metro Cash & Carry announced its chain of stores would work non-stop over the Christmas and New Years holiday period in Bulgaria.

The company said in a media statement that its goal was to serve its professional hotel and restaurant customers better.

Metro has 11 shops in nine cities across the country, including two apiece in Sofia and Plovdiv.

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